Lofty Lake Loop Trail – High Unitas


Location: Kamas, UT. (along Mirror Lake Highway)
Distance: 4.4 Miles
Elevation Gain: 961 feet
Route Type: Loop
Difficulty: Moderate
Photography Opportunities
: Wildlife, Wildflowers, Alpine Lakes, Milky way/Stars


Image from All Trails

Some of the most picturesque views in Utah can be found here in the High Unitas.  This little gem of a hike is right up there in some of the most beautiful locations we have visited.   The hike started out with a drizzle for the first 1.5 miles and it left such a fresh alpine smell in the air, and allowed for some beautiful pictures such as this around Scout Lake.


Mirror lake highway has some of the most densely populated areas for Alpine lakes in such close quarters to each other.  Lofty Lake Loop definitely has a lot to offer as you pass by a half dozen or so along the way. As we hiked the loop counterclockwise we encountered the following lakes; Picturesque Lake, Scout Lake, Lofty Lake, Cutthroat Lake, Kamas Lake.  Kamas Lake or Lofty Lake are great choices to stop and eat lunch.  There are additional cutoffs to Ruth Lake and Cuberant Lake (we didn’t visit either on this hike).

Wild flowers, wild flowers galore! All the way along the trail there are wildflowers.  We encountered most of them at the top near lofty lake  and the meadows nearby.3I1A8141

Hiking is such a great place to meet and create new friends.  We encountered a couple from Provo hiking and they had bushwhacked/backpacked from across the valley the day before.  The husband gave up some hidden locations of  back country sites that we will definitely backpack in and return to soon.

All around this hike was beautiful! It definitely has some steep slopes as you hike up over the pass to Lofty Lake.  Younger ones make struggle a bit, but if you take it at a slow pace it can be completed by the entire family.  Remember to watch the weather.  In the Unitas the weather can change quickly, so make sure you are prepared!


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